Poetry classical Interactive Sound Book poems

Poetry Interactive Sound Book and let your children read a classical Chinese poem with a small hand press, experience the beautiful poetry mood, and lay the foundation of Chinese studies.

STIMULATE CHILDREN’S VISION AND HEARING TO LEARN Baby above 6 month old is curious to everything, Toddlers will learn through touch, sound and sight boasts of 3 different modes and plenty of sound effects, TKmom Classical Chinese Poetry Sound Study Book which is equipped with a sparkling LED light , 45 buttons for each poem and has a five-segment size sound for adjustment, giving the child a double stimulation of sight and hearing.

Chinese PoetrySound Study Book is suitable for kids over 3Y +. They develop a strong sense of curiosity and like to imitate what they hear and what they see. The sound book consists of 45 classical poems, with exquisite pictures in line with the artistic conception and easy-to-understand vernacular notes.

With the sound buttons of each poem, the children can understand the content of poetry and appreciate the beautiful artistic conception of classical poetry.


  •  Age Range: Baby - 2-6 years
  • Grade Level: Preschool-Kindergarten
  • Series: Early Bird Sound Books