Wooden Layered Puzzle Chick Growth

    Layered Puzzle Chickitem is well made of Eco-friendly wood material for kids playing. It encourages problem solving and creativity since it can be solved through patience and imagination. It is a perfect gift for your kids.Puzzle Size and Material-Approx 6.7*6.7*2.1 inch /Wooden/ Nice material and comfortable touch, durable and long valid period.

    Colorful and Attractive -Through a toy, presents the process of a chicken growing up to the children. The picture is vivid, the color is eye-catching, and the number of blocks is suitable for toddler to building up their confidence.Educational-Early learning development. With clear picture pieces and the process of a chicken growing up ,

    Although these jigsaw puzzles are kids size for easy grasp, they are safe for children, your baby can’t swallow them. teachers for kids , playing with them will increase the interaction.