Paint Wooden Pattern Blocks for Kids

PACKAGE 190 pieces of wooden pattern blocks /18 pattern cards. Contains 15 hexagons, 35 squares, 35 right triangles, 35 equilateral triangles, 15 circles, 35 diamonds, 20 rectangles, and 18 designed cards.
Pattern blocks are a great way to teach kids about shapes, counting, sorting, reasoning, symmetry… even fractions! Pattern blocks help your learner learn their shapes while introducing geometry, they encourage fine motor development at the same time as allowing your child to express themselves creatively as they create and build their own pattern block pictures.

All the pieces are nicely sanded and painted. Great choice as travel toys.

Young children can use our versatile blocks for patterning, counting and problem solving


  • Material: made of non-toxic
  • Size:12.2x9.1x 1.8inch 
  • Color:mix color