Food Superman Cognitive Picture Reading Set with Reading Pen (Educational Language Learning Chinese/English Illustrated Book)


“My 2-year daughter loves it. So do my wife and I.” - Xinuo Zhao, Cognitive Picture Reading Set Customer

(4.8 out of 5 stars review on Amazon)


Bilingual Language learning Toys for Traditional Chinese and English. The package includes a VERY sturdy picture book, an interactive reading pen, an English alphabet card, and one CD with 20 songs. This toy is best for 0 to 6 years old.


  • FUN FOR KIDS - Let’s be honest, the only effective learning toy for children is one they enjoy playing with. This is why we designed the product with colorful (and cute) pictures, lively sound effects, PLUS interactive questions. Here’s what our customer says:“A book/product that teaches both Mandarin and English vocabulary AND has sounds (e.g. animals) and bits of music (instruments) is perfect for engaging my three year old who turns away when presented with too many unfamiliar things at once. He only knows the most basic intro words and phrases, so Grandpa reading him a book is not useful.”
  • EASY TO USE WITH BILINGUAL DESIGN - We understand that not all parents are fluent in both Chinese and English. That’s the reason we make the toy super easy to get a hang of using both Chinese and English. More importantly, we want the book to be so easy to play with that your kids will want to play with it by themselves, too. 
  • INTERESTING DAILY LIFE TOPICS - The best way to inspire your kids to learn Chinese is by teaching them about things they are interested in. That’s why the product includes 605 vocabulary words and 25 categories of interesting daily life topics. Topics include animals, food, transportation, sports, and more.
  • UNEXPECTED BENEFIT - Reading pen helps children practice their hand and eye coordination. The reading pen can be used with batteries or plugging into a USB port (Important: Please don’t plug the USB with a battery inside.)
  • THREE YEARS OLD TREATMENT QUALITY - If you have any kids, you know how they destroy every book within a week. That’s why we make sure our product’s physical quality can suffer the worst three years old treatment. Don’t believe me? Here’s what our customer says:“Physical quality of every item is great. Didn’t know what to expect, but the book is very sturdy, audio is clear, pen is also sturdy with solid buttons. Love the volume range (most children’s products are too loud).”
  • NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK (OR REPLACEMENT) GUARANTEE - We believe in our product so much that we provide a 100% Risk-Free, No Questions Asked Quality Guarantee within 3 months of your purchase. 


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