Food Superman Children’s Chinese Home Practice Workbooks

Our Kids Chinese Learning Books include 2 Learning Books: Chinese Mandarin / Mathematics and Comprehensive Learning

It has a Clock teaching aid card: Assemble the clock according to the example, turn around and learn to watch the time.

It also has a Double-sided large wall chart: The child can learn at any time.

Package included a Reward sticker: It can enhance the child's sense of accomplishment and learning.

A nice Modeling ruler: Sturdy PP material with cute illustrations, writing exercise books.

Included a Tangram puzzle: cardboard material, with six operating example.
Mandarin content.

Phonetic symbols: Practice reading and writing 37 phonetic symbols.

Pinyin practice: From the sound to the rhyme exercises, distinguish the pronunciation.

Word games help to recognize various words and increase basic vocabulary.

Language expression assist to Correct language expression can train logical concepts.

Reading training will boost from words, words to sentences, step by step reading.

Mathematical content help Recognize numbers: Learn the numbers in 100.

Compare quantity help to Compare the size of two numbers within 10.

Addition and subtraction: Learn to add and subtract within 20.

Recognize time: Learn the whole point and half-point on the clock face.

Recognize shape: Identify flat patterns and compare lengths.

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