Food Superman Basic Chinese Phonetic Symbols Learning Puzzle

Our Phonetic Symbols Learning Puzzle is a phonetic symbol in red, increasing the phonetic recognition, making learning more effective.

This Product has a portable case that can be carried with you, with a strong inner lining for easy storage, where the baby goes, where to play. The other advantage is the thick cardboard: the thickness of the puzzle is 2mm, it is not easy to break, and it is not afraid to cut the baby's hand.

You can learn 37 phonetic symbols: Let your baby know the basic 37 phonetic symbols and step by step, after learning the phonetic symbols, you can recognize the pictures and learn the words.

It will help to increase observe the combination ability. It doesn't matter if you don't understand the phonetic, let the baby find the red phonetic symbols in the words to train the baby's observation and matching ability.

We always try to get your satisfaction   Buy this Basic Chinese Learning Puzzle now and give your dear one a surprise.


  • Content: 74 pieces of puzzle.
  • Puzzle Thickness:  2 mm