How to Learn Chinese through Reading Pen

Toys are surely a reason for joy and pleasure for children. However, their efficacy does not end at being a source of fun, but they also provide great learning and educational value. Toys are an excellent source for your children to learn languages, especially if it is a language that you do not speak, such as Chinese.

Today there are many options available in the market with bilingual books and interactive reading pens that help to learn Chinese Mandarin. They are helpful for both children and adults alike and can be a perfect gift for your child being a fun and educational tool in one.

TKmom Toys and Chinese Learning Supplies

TKmom Toys houses various Chinese language learning option, including Chinese sounds books, picture books, and activity books. These books help in learning Chinese with the help of an intelligent reading pen. Let’s get to know the system.

The E-Reading pen

The interactive pointer pen is an electronic tool, also known as E-reading pen and reads Chinese when scanned across compatible paper books. The books and the reading pen are an introductory language learning tool for learners of all ages.


By using modern recognition technology to distinguish words, the E -reading pen  proves to be an easy and handy tool for children and parents who wish to learn Chinese as a second language. It also helps to improve vocabulary and expressions.

How the Pen Reads

The books contain images and texts, and when the electronic pointer pen touches the pages, either the words or pictures, the conforming Chinese words, expressions, paragraphs, and dialogues are read loudly by the pen in clear Chinese Mandarin. Sometimes, a song with music also comes out of the pen if the pen touches an image. It is a numeral tool that combines functions of touch-reading, playing-over, translation, and game.

Independent Learning Tool

The reading pen enables the children and beginners to learn the language independently and learn Chinese pronunciation and intonations, identify individual characters, and later cultivate a sense of full reading. Children can also take the pen and books anywhere with them and learn the language on the go.


The reading pen provides an alternative to traditional audiobooks and the life situations of people reading aloud. Thus, helping children to learn Chinese on an interactive level, making it an exciting and amusing learning experience.


Vocabulary and Real Life Examples

The books contain words and images to expand a child's vocabulary and features a rich situational map to bring out the words. While the pictures and texts are easier to remember. The interactive pen lets the children listen to the topic and click on the right pinyin.

The books cover popular preschool subjects such as animals, body parts and clothes, weather and seasons, towns and jobs, school and playground things and locations. The books also cover family and relatives, food items, daily life usage things, and many other words. The books enhance language skills and fluency.

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